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[Current version of WinGate is 9.4.5 - Release Notes]

WinGate Licensing

There are three types of WinGate license: Standard, Professional and Enterprise. Different types of license enable different features, or have other restrictions.

All WinGate 7 licenses have the following core features. License-specific restrictions or additional features are listed further down the page.

Core features:

  • HTTP Proxy Server advanced HTTP 1.1 compatible proxy server, installable filters, advanced policy support, extensible W3C compatible usage logs. Supports NTLM and HTTP Basic authentication, as well as other methods as available in the selected user database.

  • HTTP cache provides caching for requests made via a WinGate HTTP proxy. Caching saves Internet bandwidth and provides a faster browsing experience by serving requests from disk whenever possible instead of retrieving it from the web server again.
    The HTTP Cache has been designed to be HTTP/1.1 compliant. It supports negotiated content, expiry and ageing, revalidation and content encoding. The cache index is stored in an ODBC-compatible database of your choice, so you can run reports on cache content and usage.

  • Email Services SMTP services (reception and delivery), POP3 server, IMAP4 server, POP3 collection service. Host your own user mailboxes with quota restrictions. Receive mail directly from the internet with SMTP, and/or retrieve mail from your ISP with the POP3 collection service. Advanced message routing, policy control and authentication gives you flexibility and access control. SMTP protocol-level plug-in filtering framework allows optional antivirus and content scanning.

  • Firewall / NAT if installed, WinGate's network driver provides stateful firewall control, black-listing, and Network Address Translation (NAT). Supports intercepting connections to proxies.

  • DHCP and DNS services simplify administration of your network TCP/IP configuration with WinGate's zero-config fully automatic DHCP service. The DNS service coupled with an advanced DNS client supports Active Directory and local domains. DNS caching speeds DNS resolution for your network.

  • SOCKS Server supports SOCKS4 and 5, allowing a multitude of client applications to access the internet. Supports SOCKS authentication, and policy control, including overriding destination.

  • Other services POP3, FTP, RTSP, SOCKS4 and 5, generic mapping for TCP and UDP, and proprietary Winsock Redirector Service used by WinGate client software.

  • WinGate client if installed on client computers, provides automatic redirection through the proxy using the Winsock Redirector Service. Supports failover, application load control (can terminate applications you don't want to run), and authenticates users with WinGate..

  • Remote WinGate Management lets you access and manage your WinGate installation from anywhere securely. Works much faster over slow connections than remote desktop.

  • User management. Use local Windows user accounts and groups, or manage your own users and groups in WinGate independently of the OS. Professional and Enterprise licenses also allow WinGate to use Active Directory users and groups.

  • Policy provides an extremely powerful graphical framework (flow-chart) to respond to any event in WinGate. Used for access control, conditional processing of requests, processing scheduled events.

  • Data system. Provides counters, switches and lists which can be used by WinGate components (usually policy). Also provides monitoring services for data, which makes counters visible on the dashboard,

  • Dashboards provide intuitive interfaces to monitor and control WinGate. Assign buttons to tasks or options in WinGate. Monitor the state of WinGate internal metrics. Number of dashboards is license-restricted.

  • Scheduler provides scheduled triggering of user-defined events. Processing of these events can take any form, including running a program, or script, or even altering WinGate configuration.

  • Notification system. Define and manage notifications plans to respond to user-defined incidents. Report incidents in policy. Plans support escalation and stand-down events, allowing a flexible response to any incident.

  • Timelime records and displays a timeline of activity through WinGate. Scroll backwards in time to see who did what and when. Information is stored in an ODBC database, so can be reported on.

Standard features:

  • Dashboards: 1
  • Notification plans: 1
  • Cache volumes: 1
  • Mailbox volumes: 1

Professional features:

  • Dashboards: 2
  • Notification plans: 2
  • Cache volumes: 1
  • Mailbox volumes: 1
  • Active Directory support
  • W3C usage logging
  • Scripting support (Lua / JScript)
  • Use files in data lists
  • Bandwidth Control
  • DMZ

Enterprise features:

  • Dashboards: unlim
  • Notification plans: unlim
  • Cache volumes: unlim
  • Mailbox volumes: unlim
  • Active Directory support
  • W3C usage logging
  • Scripting support (Lua / JScript)
  • Use files in data lists
  • Bandwidth Control
  • DMZ
  • Multiple websites / reverse proxy
  • VPN
  • Threshold checking in monitored data
  • Custom DHCP options
  • Web-based Administration
  • Remote shell
  • Performance counters
  • Advanced policy items
  • Advanced WinGate events
  • Advanced Schema objects
  • Advanced adapter settings

Did You Know?

Product Review by TechStudio

"I immediately noticed the internet speed was way better than without the proxy server. Also, better administration and security measures can now be implemented to block certain websites and internet services, so you will have a more productive and secure working environment." ABASSON - TechStudio

Read the full review here:

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