WinGate Internet Sharing/Proxy Server Solution
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"Internet Gateway and Threat Management Server - Now with HTTPS Inspection"
[Current version of WinGate is 9.4.5 - Release Notes]

WinGate Features

WinGate has a comprehensive array of features outlined below. They fall into 7 main categories. There are too many features to list below, for a full set, see the help documentation. Items in blue have further information available.

Connectivity - Sharing and controlling Internet access

Web Access Control - An impressive range of options for preventing unauthorized Internet traffic.

Security - Stateful, packet-level firewall and HTTPS Scanning protects the entire network from Internet-based intrusions.

Administration - Monitor web usage and traffic

Performance - Enhance the performance of your Internet connection

Email - Yes, WinGate includes a full featured email server!

Reliability - Redundancy and failover options

Did You Know?

Product Review by TechStudio

"I immediately noticed the internet speed was way better than without the proxy server. Also, better administration and security measures can now be implemented to block certain websites and internet services, so you will have a more productive and secure working environment." ABASSON - TechStudio

Read the full review here:

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