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Feature WinGate Standard WinGate Pro WinGate Enterprise
ENS (Extended Network Service)
NAT (Name Address Translation)
Multiple Simultaneous Connections
Stateful Packet-Level Firewall
User Logging and Auditing
Real Time Activity Monitor
Control Web Access per User or Group
HTTP Caching
Support for Kaspersky AntiVirus Plugin
Support for PureSight Content Filter Plugin
Remote Gatekeeper Access  
NTLM Authentication through HTTP Proxy  
Bandwidth Control  
Remote Database/Domain Controller or Active Directory Access  
ARP Responder    
Advance SSL Binding Support    
Supports Multi User IPs (Terminal Services)    
Centralized Winsock Redirector    
HTTPS Inspection    
VPN License    

Did You Know?

Product Review by TechStudio

"I immediately noticed the internet speed was way better than without the proxy server. Also, better administration and security measures can now be implemented to block certain websites and internet services, so you will have a more productive and secure working environment." ABASSON - TechStudio

Read the full review here:

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