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MailStore Server® - Why Email Archiving?

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Email archiving offers companies technical, economic, and legal advantages.

Legal Security for your Company

Legal Security

As email has become the most common form of business communication, most countries have put email compliance laws or regulations in place that require companies to keep their email available for use in litigation or other legal procedures. Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, managing vital company data contained in emails and file attachments is getting increasingly complex, making it a sensible choice to develop your own email retention policy.

Email archiving enables you to meet the terms of retention rules applicable to your business: All company emails are stored in a central and secure location from which they can be retrieved easily, enabling you to respond rapidly and reliably to any legal requests.

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Protection Against the Loss of Data

Reliable Email Protection

Important emails can be lost due to technical glitches or because of accident or intentional deletion. For instance, employees often delete their entire inbox when they leave the company. To prevent the loss of this data, an email archiving solution can be configured to archive all emails before they are forwarded to users.

Permanently Reduce the Workload of Email Servers

Email servers like Microsoft Exchange Server are generally unable to handle rapidly increasing email volumes either cost-effectively or with any degree of reliability. As a result, administrative costs as well as costs associated with the necessary upgrades to both hardware and software rise sharply.

With the aim of drastically reducing the workload of email servers, MailStore Server can delete emails once they have been archived according to a rule-based process (e.g., all emails older than 12 months are deleted). These emails are still available to users, who can view them using a Microsoft Outlook integration, on a Web browser, or with a mobile handset (MailStore features an integrated IMAP server).

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Backup of Email Servers Made Easy

Backup of Email Servers

Making back-up copies of email servers is extremely cost-intensive and time-consuming due to the sheer volume of data involved. There is often not enough time available to create a full back-up of the server. However, by deleting older emails from the inboxes once they have been archived, you can significantly reduce the amount of data that needs to be backed up.

Furthermore, if a user deletes new emails before they have been backed up, these are permanently lost and no longer available to the company. To prevent this, MailStore Server is able to copy incoming and outgoing emails to an archive before they arrive in the user's inbox.

Email Recovery Made Easy in the Event of Damage

When a user needs to access deleted or lost emails, the IT department must first recover these from a back-up copy, a process that is both costly and time-consuming. However, this process becomes a thing of the past thanks to MailStore Server. With our product, the user can access the archive directly and recover emails with a single click of the mouse.

Increased Productivity

Search Archived Emails

Up to 75% of a company's mission-critical information is saved in the form of emails. Having efficient access to this data and having it available to all staff at any time is a key factor in boosting productivity and gaining an edge on the competition. Email archiving allows you to maximize the potential of emails as a tool for your company and have them available for use now and into the future.

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Back Up Local Emails and PST Files

MailStore Server allows you to transfer emails that are distributed over unsecured PST files, email clients, or external inboxes (IMAP, POP3, Hosted Exchange) to a central archive. This makes it possible to back up and search these files at a central location.

Learn more about the supported archiving methods »

Independent from External Providers


At many companies, emails are not stored on local email servers under the company's control but on the servers of online service providers. This means that you have to trust the back-up tools used by this company and that it will be around in the future.

By archiving this externally managed data in-house with MailStore Server, you can achieve an extra level of security using our simple and effective backup tool.

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