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MailStore Server® - Licensing

Current release is v23.4.0 Release Notes| QuickStart Guide

User Licenses

Orders are subject to a minimum order quantity of 5 user licenses. One-year upgrade protection is automatically included.

Amount of User licenses needed

A separate user license is required for each staff member whose emails are to be archived or who needs to access the archive. One user license is valid for all mailboxes of the respective staff member.

Group accounts (for example, the Exchange Journal Mailbox) that are not tied to an individual staff member can be archived without extending user licenses, provided that a user license has been purchased for each staff member using the group account.

If a licensed staff member leaves the company, the respective user licenses will be available again. The staff member archive will be preserved in this case and can be allocated to a different user.

Installations for 500+ Users

MailStore Server is designed for companies with 5 - 500 user licenses. However, the software can also be suitable for larger customers depending on their specific archiving scenario. For those customers it might be necessary to split the installation into sub-installations. In these cases, a technical evaluation conducted by MailStore's support team is necessary on a case by case basis. Please contact our sales team if you have a prospect with more than 500 user licenses: sales@ccsoftware.ca

Purchase of Additional user Licenses

The price for additional user licenses is based on the respective price category that would be reached after purchasing the new licenses. A minimum order quantity of five licenses will apply.

Renewals and cancellations

The renewal must be purchased prior to the expiry of the upgrade protection. Customers will be notified of upcoming license expirations in order to take advantage of the lower renewal pricing.


Upgrades to a new major version of MailStore Server are free within the duration of the Upgrade Protection on their license. Customer without valid Upgrade Protection will be obliged to purchase an upgrade (70 percent of the currently valid list price) prior to updating.


The software is delivered electronically, ie downloaded from the Internet.The respective license key will be supplied via email after payment is received.


Discounts for resellers

Please register for the C&C Reseller program in order to make discounted purchases for your clients. More information on joining the reseller program can be found here.

Discounts for end-users

We offer discounts for non-profit, educational and government institutions. Contact sales@ccsoftware.ca for a customized quote.

Competitive Upgrades

Companies already using a competitive email archiving solution can switch to MailStore Server at a discount. Contact sales@ccsoftware.ca for a customized quote.

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