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MailStore Server® - What can Mailstore do for you?

Current release is v23.4.0 Release Notes| QuickStart Guide

Archiving Methods

MailStore Server can archive emails from various email servers, email clients and files while letting you choose from several different archiving methods.

User Access to the Archive

All users can access their archived emails using Outlook integration, an internet browser or a mobile terminal device such as the iPhone.

Storage Technology

MailStore Server uses powerful and scalable storage technology enabling it to safely and flexibly manage any amount of data.

Exporting Archived Emails

MailStore Server is not a one way street: Its powerful export features make your business independent - even of MailStore itself.

Email Compliance Features

MailStore Server can protect you from the negative consequences of non-compliance by helping you to meet the terms of retention regulations applicable to your business.

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