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MailStore Server® - Advantages of Email Archiving

Current release is v23.4.0 Release Notes| QuickStart Guide

Legal and Economical Advantages

Legal Safeguard for Email Compliance

  • MailStore Server helps companies meet a growing number of regulations on email compliance, eDiscovery, and other legislation
  • MailStore Server is also an important tool that helps these companies protect themselves against general legal risk or customer complaints

Lowering IT Costs and Expenditures

  • Overloaded servers, increasing storage costs, and complex backup and restore processes place an enormous strain on IT departments and their budgets
  • MailStore Server permanently reduces these costs
  • It also shields against financial risks stemming from data loss or legal conflicts

Independence and Security

  • At many companies, emails are not stored locally under the company's control but on external servers
  • This means that you have to trust the operator's back-up tools and security measures
  • By archiving all externally-managed data, you can build on this trust through a simple and effective backup strategy

Total Protection against Data Loss

100% Complete Archiving

  • MailStore Server enables the complete archiving of all email within a company
  • By archiving all email as soon as it is received or sent, you can make absolutely sure that all your company's email is archived
  • MailStore Server also allows your existing email to be archived in a central location

Independence of Cumbersome PST Files

  • PST files are prone to data loss or corruption, have a huge impact on storage and backup and can be an e-discovery nightmare
  • With MailStore Server you can centrally archive and backup all PST files of the company

Prevent Users from Deleting Emails

  • Users can delete important emails at will, without this being noticed
  • Users often delete all their mailboxes upon leaving a company
  • This means your company loses important data every day
  • MailStore Server can eliminate such risks completely

Lower Storage Requirements

Reduce the Workload of Mail Servers

  • Emails can be deleted from the mail server's mailboxes according to a rule-based process once they have been archived
  • This allows the workload of the server to be maintained at a consistently low level

Save up to 70% Storage Space

  • MailStore Server uses single instance archiving to reduce the total storage requirements
  • This means that identical mime-parts (e.g. file attachments) are only stored once
  • File attachments are also compressed

Integrated Storage Technology

  • The core of the MailStore Server consists of a highly sophisticated storage technology that does not require any external database software
  • MailStore can easily be used straight out of the box for up to 500 users

Simplify Backup and Restore

Reduce Backup and Restore Times

  • By reducing the mail server's data load, it can be backed up much more easily, i.e., more quickly, and also restored more quickly in the event of a failure

One-Click Restore for All Users

  • Users can restore emails from the archive with a single mouse-click
  • The administrator no longer has to go through the time-consuming process of recovering them from the backup

Access to Emails when Servers Fail

  • When a mail server is out of service or data is lost, every user at the company can access all emails via the email archive
  • This allows you to continue operating your business without any disruptions at all

Increase Productivity

Extremely Fast Search Access

  • MailStore Server offers extremely fast full-text searching for emails and all types of file attachments
  • Access is also possible via the original folder structure as well

High User Acceptance

  • A convenient add-in for Microsoft Outlook allows users to access their archive and integrates seamlessly into their usual working environment

Elimination of Mailbox Quotas

  • Email archiving eliminates the need to use mailbox quotas as a way to limit the use of a mail server's storage capacity

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