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Compliance Features


With MailStore Server, emails can be archived immediately upon sending and receiving.

  • If using Microsoft Exchange, this is done by archiving the Journal mailbox.
  • If using IMAP4 compatible email servers such as Novell GroupWise, Kerio MailServer or MDaemon, this is done by archiving multidrop mailboxes (also called catchall mailboxes).
  • In all other cases, as well as in companies without their own email server, this can be done using the MailStore proxy server which is available to all MailStore customers free of charge

Accordance with the Original

All emails and file attachments are archived without any loss of data; they are MIME compatible and can be restored at any time.

Ensuring Long-term Access to the Archive

MailStore Server does not tie to a proprietary file format. All archived emails can be exported in one easy step and at any time in standard format according to RFC822, which has been in existence for over 25 years. The exported files can be opened and processed by most email applications. In addition, MailStore offers a wide range of export and recovery functions.


Compliance Features
Compliance Features

Implementation of Retention Periods

Emails can be stored in the archive in blocks sorted by year or month, for example. More recent blocks (e.g. less than ten years old) can be write-protected, while older ones can be completely detached from the archive.

Data Confidentiality

An integrated system of privileges ensures that only authorized users are able to access each archived email.

Preventing Users from Deleting Emails Intentionally or Unintentionally

Through the MailStore user management, users can be entirely prevented from deleting any emails.

Preventing the Manipulation of Email Contents

MailStore uses different procedures and technologies to prevent the manipulation of email contents:

  • Creation of SHA1 hash values using email contents
  • Internal AES256 encryption of email body and file attachments
  • No direct access to the archived data using MailStore Client software
  • Modification of email contents is neither provided for in the graphical user interface nor internally within the program
  • Automatically archiving all emails immediately upon sending and receiving prevents them from being manipulated before being stored in the archive
  • MailStore Server directly supports the additional backup of data to WORM media; this can also be done by applications of other manufacturers, if needed

Beyond that, IT administration must ensure that only authorized persons receive direct access to the MailStore Server system and the underlying archive data.

Access to the Archive for Auditors

MailStore Server provides for the setup of user accounts with read-only access to the entire archive or parts thereof. Using the full-text search feature of such an account, auditors can browse and view the archived emails and, if needed, export individual or all emails in various formats for further use.

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