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Current release is v23.4.0 Release Notes| QuickStart Guide

User Access to the Archive

MailStore Server offers several ways to access the archive so all users can browse their archived email within fractions of a second.

Option 1: Seamless Integration in Microsoft Outlook

With the MailStore add-in for Microsoft Outlook, the archive can be accessed directly from the user's familiar work environment. The Outlook add-in is compatible with Microsoft Outlook 2000, XP, 2003, 2007 and 2010 (32-bit and 64-bit versions).

MailStore add-in for Microsoft Outlook MailStore Add-in for Microsoft Outlook

Option 2: Access Using an Internet Browser

MailStore Web Access provides access to the archive using any internet browser. Archived emails can be browsed, viewed and restored this way.

MailStore Web Access MailStore Web Access

Option 3: Perfect Integration into any Email Application

MailStore Server has an integrated IMAP server available. Behind this inconspicuous feature lies the option to integrate the user's email archive into any IMAP-enabled device or email application. These include Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Windows Live Mail, various Nokia cell phones as well as the Apple iPhone and iPad, for example. From the user's perspective, the email archive presents itself simply as an additional mailbox which he can access like any other regular mailbox (read-only, of course).


Fast Full-Text Search

MailStore's full-text search works even with extremely large amounts of data without any noticeable time lag. In addition, not only emails but also any type of file attachment is included in the search. Queries can be saved and also be stored in search folders.

Adoption of the Source's Folder Structures

When archiving email, MailStore Server adopts the original folder structure of the source. This means that after archiving, folders created in Microsoft Outlook or an Exchange mailbox, for example, can be found in the archive unchanged.

1 Click Restore

Users can restore emails from the archive with a single click of the mouse. For administrators, several export features are available.


Depending on the assignment of permissions, individual users can access parts of the archive of other users.

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