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eScan - Management Console

eServ provides an answer to many problems faced in administering security solutions to multi machines in networks: installation; admin control; deployment of updates, upgrades, license keys, security policies, covering rogue machines, etc. The common feature of MicroWorld products - scalability, is extended to eServ and it can be used effectively for small networks with a few machines as well as large networks with a few thousand machines.

In a network, it takes a single 'rogue' machine that has missed installation or not pulled and run an update, to spread infection across the network.

eScan Management Console is available with eScan AV for SMB, eScan ISS for SMB and the eScan Corporate Edition.

Deploy Rulesets to Client Machines

Create rulesets and deploy them out to individual clients or groups of clients. Save your rulesets to use again. View which policy set has been deployed to which users.

Auto (Remote) Installation on Clients based on IP or workstation name
Remote Installation allows you to simultaneously install eScan on multiple clients or workstations in your network, from a single machine. Remote installation runs in the background and the normal activity on a workstation can continue without interruption. This saves time, labor and ensures that no machine is 'missed'. To install the software on one machine, takes about three to four minutes. If you had to install on 100 machines, it would take about 400 minutes. Add to this work stoppage for the workstations, need for CD ROM drive on individual workstations, etc. eServ avoids all these costs.

You must first install eScan as a Server on one machine. This is called as the central server. The central server does not require any special 'server hardware configurations' but can be any convenient machine. Further remote installations on clients are done using this machine. The reverse process, remote uninstall is also supported.

Deploy Upgrades: Upgrades are new version or patches of the software or new builds, released by MicroWorld. Upgrade may carry new features or functions, all you to perform new tasks. eScan allows you to deploy Upgrades and Updates to all machines in the network from a single server. Upgrades and Updates can be deployed simultaneously on all clients.

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Obtain detailed Client Information
eServ allows you to view detailed information of eScan clients. You can view details of eScan version currently running, if updates and upgrades are downloaded, etc. Details of eScan activity running on the network are also displayed.

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Centralized Reporting Features
This feature allows automatic mailing of reports from clients to system administrator. The report typically displays activity details like files downloaded, virus detected, etc.

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Set Schedule for auto reports mailing
You can set a schedule to auto mail reports. The report typically displays activity details like files downloaded, virus detected, etc. Schedule can be set to mail reports daily, weekly and monthly. The hour and minute when the activity should begin can also be specified.

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Deploying to clients that do not have TCP/IP
Sometimes client systems do not have TCP/IP. In such a case deploying setup and rule-sets can be done using the feature shown in the screen.

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User Friendly GUi
Easy to Schedule Virus Scans
Handy Tools to Make Maintenance Easy Web Filtering for Individual Users

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