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eScan offers complete pro-active protection.

Malware URL Filter
With social networking on the rise, malware writers are using sites such as Facebook and Twitter as a platform to infect PCs. This is achieved by appearing as a legitimate social networking application or it could spread via spoofed links that make their way to your Inbox. The malware URL filter in eScan prevents access to infected sites.

File and Folder Protection
We are all paranoid about losing important data, with good reason. This can happen in any number of ways: the corruption of files in the event of a virus attack or the deletion, either accidentally or maliciously, of a particular file or folder. To prevent this, eScan v11 has added a new "Folder Protection" feature. User defined, once a folder is specified eScan will protect the file or folder from deletion, modification or deletion.

Secure Web Based Management Console
The new Secure Web Interface uses SSL technology to encrypt all communications between the server and the clients effectively preventing man in the middle attacks.
The new Web-based eScan Management Console (EMC), accessible remotely,allows network administrators to monitor and deploy a variety of security measures, such as anti-malware and anti-spam updates, licenses, custom (un)installing and upgrading eScan, enabling or disabling of eScan modules, uninstalling other Anti-Virus software and enforce integrated security policies across the network, all using a browser.

Endpoint Security
The proliferation of consumer mobile devices such as USB keys, iPods and PDAs, has dramatically increased the risk of intentional and/or unintentional data leaks or malicious activity getting into your network. eScan's v10 Endpoint Security, available in the ISS and Corporate versions, monitors the use of mobile devices when connected to your network to prevent data theft and the introduction of malicous and unauthorized software.

Built-In Firewall
The addition of the advanced firewall saves systems from all network-based attacks. Using few system resources it will monitor and log all incoming/outgoing network activities on the system for precise control of access.

Proactive Scanning
When this option is enabled eScan provides complete protection by monitoring for any suspicious file being executed in the system. A pop-up will prompt the user whether to allow the application to be executed or blocked.

Real Time Content Security
eScan checks your files, emails and TCP/IP traffic for restricted content. It restricts specific files from entering you PC.

Detects Viruses On The Fly
As you download files from the Internet, browse web sites, copy files from diskettes, start any application from the network or open documents and spreadsheets, eScan scans these for viruses, thus safeguarding your operating system.

Highly Effective Heuristic Code Analysis
eScan's heuristic algorithm is able to detect and remove 90% of unknown viruses at any given time.

Email Content Scanning
Checks documents for confidential data (specified keywords, phrases, etc.), file size of data packets transferred and prohibited content.

Centralized Security Policy Management
Available with the AV for SMB, ISS for SMB and Corporate versions, eScan offers the network administrator the ability to configure and deploy global security policies for the company, remotely install and uninstall the software, as well as monitor updates on the client machines.

Easy To Use for The End User
eScan is transparent to the users and it automatically updates from the Internet, thereby giving the ultimate experience in hands-free operation.

Logging and Reports
The reports generated by eScan can be customized and presented graphically or in text format.eScan thus extends the utility of security not only for scanning and prevention of viruses but also to monitor web usage patterns and prevent the misuse of facilities. The administrator can set traffic limits or restrict access to sites based on time, IP address or domain names.

Comprehensive Object Management
eScan has been designed to understand different file-types, compression formats and data streams. eScan can look inside complex data-streams and identify their architecture.

Attachment Policy Control
eScan can be configured to stop pre-defined attachment types to reach your computer. For example; a policy can be made to stop .EXE or .COM attachments from reaching the end-users.

Traffic Compression
eScan allows the user to utilize the Internet Bandwidth more effectively, by automatically compressing email attachments.

Comprehensive Notification Engine
eScan has a comprehensive email notification engine for sending warning messages.

User Friendly GUi
Easy to Schedule Virus Scans
Handy Tools to Make Maintenance Easy Web Filtering for Individual Users

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