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eScan - Comparison Chart

Suitable Applications Home Office / Small Office Small to Medium Businesses
eScan v11 Editions eScan Antivirus (AV) Edition for Windows eScan Internet Security Suite (ISS) for Windows eScan Internet Security Suite for Business eScan Total Security Suite for Business
MWL Scanning
Proactive Security
Real-Time AV Scanning
Spyware, Adware, KeyLogger, Rootkit Blocker
New File Monitor ( Intelligent and Faster )
ODS Scanning with Cache Technology
Heuristic Scanning
Suspicious Application Detection
Backup before Disinfection
Automatic Compressed Program Updates
Automatic Compressed Definitions Updates
Real-Time eMail Scan
Anti-Spam ( NILP, RBL, SURBL )
Web/FTP/CHAT Antivirus
Block Websites with Restricted Words N/A N/A
Block Web Content ( Multi-Media & Applications ) N/A N/A
Block Web Applets, Cookies, Scripts N/A N/A
Privacy Protection / Browser Security N/A N/A
Block Pop-Up's N/A N/A
Registry Monitoring
IM/P2P Protection
Application Control N/A N/A
USB / Firewire Control N/A N/A
Firewall ( Inbound & Outbound )
End Point Security N/A N/A
Centralized Management Console - EMC N/A N/A
Centralized Live Application Alert N/A N/A N/A
Centralized Live USB Detection Alert N/A N/A N/A
Centralized Live Site Browsing Info. Alert N/A N/A N/A
Web Administration N/A N/A
Password Protected Settings
Windows 2008 NAP Support N/A N/A
Web Registration & Activation
New User Friendly GUI
Recommended for Segments Home/SOHO* Home/SOHO* SMB/SME* SMB/SME*
Supported Operating Systems WKS** WKS** WKS & SRV** WKS & SRV**
Maximum Users 1-5 users 1-5 users 5-100 users 5-100 users
*HOME/SOHO Home / Small Office / Home Office
*SMB/SME Small Medium Business / Enterprises
**WKS – Workstation Operating Systems Only Windows XP Home/Professional(32 and 64 bit)/Windows Vista
(Support for 98/ME/NT/2000, will be provided soon)
**SRV – Server Class works on both. Windows 2008/Windows XP Home/Professional ( 32 & 64-bit )/ Windows 2003 Enterprise/Standard (SP1)/ Windows 2003 64-bit / Windows Vista
(Support for 98/ME/NT/2000, will be provided soon)

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