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[Current version of RelayFax is 7.1.2 - Release Notes]

RelayFax Documentation
Manual in PDF format
Configuring RelayFax with GoogleApps
How To Change The RelayFax Installation Path
How To Move RelayFax (v6 and Under)To New Server
How To Move RelayFax (v7 and Above) To New Server
RelayFax Force Delivery Confirmation
How To Add T-38 Device to RelayFax
Configuring RelayFax - Missing Network Printer

RelayFax Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Looking for a quick answer to your questions about RelayFax? Many of the most commonly asked questions can be found in the RelayFax FAQ list.

RelayFax Compatible Hardware
Here's a list of known modems that are compatible with RelayFax.

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