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Windows Desktop Backup and Restore Solution

Fast, reliable backups for Windows Workstations. Complete system recovery or retrieval of individual files.

For over 10 Years, BackupAssist has been dedicated to protecting Windows servers and server applications, but many companies have workstations that also need to be protected. To address this we are pleased to welcome BackupAssist for Desktops and BackupAssist for Desktop with Cloud to our backup portfolio.
When workstations are down, employees can't work. When employees can't work, productivity goes down. BackupAssist for Desktops helps protect your workstations so that downtime for employees is kept to a minimum. With the important data that resides on them, workstations have become critical tools in todays businesses. A full workstation backup helps keep employees productive and helps protect important data.

BackupAssist for Desktops includes CryptoSafeGuard to protect your backups from Ransomware! Free when you have current upgrade protection (BackupCare).

BackupAssist for Desktop works with MultiSite Manager to make monitoring and maintaining the workstation backups a breeze!

BackupAssist Desktop unlocks a scaled down version of BackupAssist that contains just the feaures needed to protect desktops at an affordable price.

The BackupAssist for Desktop with Cloud Backup license adds options for providing additional offsite storage (Rsync, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services or Private Cloud (using WebDav)).

Download the 30-day FREE trial version and test it out for yourself.

(This download provides both Desktop and Server features. To view only the Desktop version options click on the "Help" menu at the top of the main GUI and choose "View Alternate Licensing Experience".)

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