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[Current version of WinGate is 9.0.6 - Release Notes]

The following downloads will provide you with a free, fully functional 30-day trial.

To upgrade, download the current version below and install over your existing installation.

WinGate v9.0.6 - Released June 8, 2017

Download WinGate 9.0.6 Now

Lumen for WinGate - Released April 5, 2017 (Content Filtering Addon For WinGate v9 and above Only)

Download Lumen for WinGate Now

PureSight v8.5.7- Released April 6, 2016 (Content Filtering Addon For WinGate 8.5.2 to WinGate v9 Only)

Download PureSight 8.5.7 Now

Kaspersky Antivirus for WinGate 9.0.5 - Released April 5, 2017 (For WinGate 8.5.2 and above Only)

Download KasperskyAV 9.0.5 Now

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