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Current version of SecurityPlus is 5.5.0 Release Notes| QuickStart Guide

Frequently Asked Sales Questions

Q: Will I continue to receive support if I continue to use older versions of AntiVirus for MDaemon?
A: No. Free support is offered via phone or e-mail when your license has current upggrade protection.

Q: Can I use SecurityPlus on all versions of MDaemon?
A: No. SecurityPlus is only compatible with MDaemon version 9.5 and higher.

Q: What happens if my SecurityPlus license expires? Will I still have security protection?
A: Once your SecurityPlus license has expired, you will no longer receive the benefits of real-time Outbreak Protection or new signature updates for the Kaspersky virus definition engine. This will result in an increase in SPAM as well as vulnerability to new viruses. (The legacy antivirus signatures will continue to provide protection.)

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