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WebAdmin allows administrators to securely manage MDaemon, RelayFax, and WorldClient from anywhere in the world. This convenient remote administration tool is FREE of charge and is a separate download.
Searching Support
Search capability was added to alias, mailing, and user listings.
Support For Multiple Languages
Added language support for Finish, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Italian, and Hungarian.
Improved Account Editing
The ability to edit an account"s MultiPOP settings has been added.
Improved Alias Editing
Global administrators can now edit aliases.
Viewing Account as Global Administrator
When logged in as a Global Administrator, accounts using NT authentication will show the authenticating domain.
Restricted Alias Names
Added the ability to have restricted alias names.
Subscribing to a Mailing List
Subscribing a new user to a mailing list now sends the "new list member email" to that user if the list has one.
Theme Support
Basic support for themes added to WebAdmin.
Superior Web Based Configuration for MDaemon
WebAdmin allows you to edit many more of MDaemon"s configuration settings than WebConfig did.
Next Generation Functionality
WebAdmin offers new possibilities for web based access to our products.

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