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MailStore Server® - Product Features

Current release is v22.1.1 Release Notes| QuickStart Guide | New in V22.1

Exporting Archived Emails

MailStore Server offers several export features for restoring individual emails, entire mailboxes or all emails from the archive.

Supported Export Destinations

  • Microsoft Exchange mailboxes
  • Mailboxes on any email server (IMAP)
  • Forwarding via SMTP
  • Any directory in the file system (RFC822 EML, MSG and PST files)
  • CDs/DVDs (RFC822 EML and MSG files)
  • Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express and Windows Mail

Advantages for Your Business

Independence for Your Business

The contents of the entire archive can be exported in standard formats (e.g. RFC822 EML files), so they can be processed by any email or archiving system. This makes your business independent even from MailStore itself.

Restoring of Emails by Users

Users can restore individual or multiple emails from their respective user archives with a click of the mouse. This completely eliminates expensive and time-consuming recoveries from backups by the administrator.

Disaster Recovery

Should your email server be subject to any damage or loss, MailStore Server can restore all mailboxes to a new email server in form of a disaster recovery.

Migration of Emails

The option to archive emails from different sources and to export them to various destinations afterwards makes MailStore Server a flexible migration solution.

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