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MailStore® Server v10 - The Most Secure Version Yet!

Current release is v10.2.1 Release Notes| QuickStart Guide | New in V10

Against a backdrop of increased Internet crime and social engineering threats, we see the German development team really zero in on security enhancements in this latest release - while continuing to make life easier for administrators.

Now fully encrypted

MailStore has always used encryption technology to protect archived emails, however, in version 10, we see the existing encryption capabilities expanded to include the archives' underlying databases and the integrated audit trail. This means that metadata info like subject lines, senders and recipients are all encrypted, as well as the underlying folder structure of the archived mailbox. IMPORTANT NOTE: PLEASE ENSURE YOU'RE FAMILIAR WITH THE MAILSTORE IMPLEMENTATION GUIDE BEFORE ENABLING THIS FEATURE!

Peace of mind for cloud backup users

There's now the option to use a specific recovery key to prevent archived data being accessible from other systems by unauthorised personnel (such as backup administrators for example). If you're backing up your archived data to a cloud storage location this should provide peace of mind.

Easier management - Auto-update checking

If you're using MailStore, we always recommend you're using the latest version, just to ensure you have the best protection available to you.
A nice tweak in v10 is an automated update check so as the administrator you'll be alerted there's a new version available.

More flexible storage location options

Administrators also benefit from more flexible archive stores that offer better cost management. This is because they can define the storage location of each component of an archive store (email content, databases and search indexes) individually.

Other new features

  • Recording of all administrator activities in the audit log.
  • Dashboard notification if SMTP settings have not yet been configured.
  • Windows performance counter for monitoring the Firebird database connection pool
  • E-Mail notifications for available software updates.

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Free trial version

The 30-day trial version of MailStore Server 9 can be installed in just a few minutes on any Windows PC (or virtual environment) and tested immediately. No changes will be made to your email server or emails at any time during archiving.

Setup files for existing customers

Are you already a customer with active update and support service? If so, MailStore Server 9 is ready for you to download now, free of charge. Please be sure to read the release notes.

Download the 30-day FREE trial version and test it out for yourself instantly.

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