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Current release is v10.4.5 Release Notes

What's new in v10?

  • NEW from 10.3 onward - WebDav Support for Cloud Vendors: Cloud Backup's new WebDAV destination means you can now use any cloud provider that supports WebDAV. This greatly increases the cloud services supported by BackupAssist Cloud Backup. WebDav offers many advantages over using Rsync to transfer files offsite such as:
    • easier to support and configure
    • widely available (free on Windows, UNIX and installed on most NAS devices)
    • block based means that it can automatically pick up where it left off if backup is interrupted
    • deduplication and compression are applied on files prior to sending which reduces the amount of storage space required on the destination drive as well as reducing the amount of bandwidth required to send
    • zero knowledge encyrption ensures the destination system knows nothing about the stored data
    • no processing power required on destination system, strictly user for file storage
  • NEW - CryptoSafeGuard: Not only does CryptoSafeGuard detect and protect you from ransomeware, it also immediately alerts your when ransomware is found.
  • NEW - Public Cloud Backup: - BackupAssist 10 now offers public cloud backup, letting you backup files, folders and apps to the cloud. We currently support Amazon and Azure as storage options, with more storage providers to be added in the future.

  • NEW - Cloud Independence: -BackupAssist 10 offers Cloud Independence, which frees you up to choose your own cloud provider and data center, so you can pick the best deal and have peace of mind on where your data is physically stored.

  • NEW - Reduced Storage Requirements: -To keep your bandwidth and cloud hosting costs down, BackupAssist offers advanced data deduplication and compression. Your data is broken down into chunks, deduplicated, and then compressed. This saves time and hosting costs in the cloud, reduces upload/download times, and improves recovery time.

  • NEW - Private Encryption: -When you send your data to a cloud provider, BackupAssist keeps your data encrypted and siloed with its own data container. This provides an extra level of protection as your data can not be deduplicated further with other customers backups already in the cloud.

  • NEW - Insulated Backup Containers: -BackupAssist 10 allows you to create insulated backup containers with AES-256 Military-grade encryption. Encrypted keys, password protection and secure https transfer ensures your cloud provider has zero-knowledge of the content of your data, both at rest (server side) and in transit.

  • NEW - Efficient Transfers: - Never send the same data twice! If your backup job is interrupted during the transfer of a large file, your backup job continues exactly where you left off; halfway through that file transfer, without starting from scratch.

  • NEW - Advanced Dynamic Help: - Our easy-to-use software has just gotten even easier. In our UI, context-sensitive help is now only ever just one click away, directly connecting you to our online help depository.

  • NEW - Advanced Windows Server 2016 Support: -Advanced Windows Server 2016 Support: BackupAssist 10 now supports Nested VM Backups and Shielded VM Backups. Create, backup, and restore Nested VMs (guests that host and run within other guests) or Shielded VMS (A VM that can’t be booted up on a non-certified host).

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